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Shattered Chakra

Four lions, representing Buddha looking in four directions stood up for protection against the uncontrolled mind, tyranny, spreading the teaching of equality, justice & ahimsa (non-violence) in all spheres of life.
He was done with all that was evil. He had become Priyadarshini-Ashok.
From his windows he has been seeing the rising carnage, the willful destruction, and the anarchy.

Three Cheers to Them

It’s a cliché line, “a true leader is the one who sees your potential long before you realize it.” But I can vouch for it. When I joined his team, I was just a Work Force Strategist and a good Business Analyst, who could manage the team and push the Status Quo. He treated me […]

Perplexing Time

Making the Best of Chaos It may look like I am late to the party. Let me assure, I am not. I am right on time, my time to look at effect of pandemic on my corporate life and its ripple effect.I can very categorize this almost 1.5 year into 2 phases, with different areas […]


This pandemic has made people realize that flexibility is not difficult. My initial years in Workforce, I was shocked to see 80-90% of my counterparts in the US opting for flexible shift. Their shifts ranged from 4*10 to 5*8 to 6*6.6. That was not all, 14 years ago, laptop and blackberry issued by organization was […]

Book Review – The Muslim Prince

Roger Ley This is my second book by this author. The title and blurb promised a political thriller and I was not disappointed. Very nice strory telling and a lot of care was taken to avoid luring cliches. Few things leave a strong impression and those are love and fear. Love managed to do the […]


Roger Ley  I like reading fantasy and sci-fi and I poof escape from reality. Till now my relationship has always been either love at first sight or get lost in 5 pages. This book took me to a strange new world and made me realize why people write their status as It’s complicated.I love the […]

Just One Day More

It is like call of void. You just can’t take your eyes off. The depths of Abyss calls. And there you stand wondering did all the love you gave mattered. All the love, richness, relatives, friends and fame, did anything really matter. Why everything looked meaningless. A dark emptiness envelopes and no matter how hard […]

Rise of Evil

Evil is born out of pain of neglect, longing for a moment of true selfless love, an unending black hole in heart which s/he tries in vain to fill by grabbing more than need, comfort or luxury till it becomes all consuming ever increasing obsession.

Face of Pure Evil

Very few bring out the hate in me. I would count it to be two in this lifetime. One, a lady who has harmed me personally and another is a man, I have never met. This man was different. I was unaware of his presence till one day, randomly I saw his picture in a […]