Dreamer, Author, Data Scientist, Change Agent & Childfree by Choice

Born in a town encapsulated by two rivers, Cuttack. Living in this millennium old city I would feel a consuming longing to be somewhere I have never been. This call of unknown city took me to Gurgaon, where I crunched numbers and provided realistic strategies to corporates for a living.

In office, I increase the operational efficiency by challenging Status Quo and providing Thought Leadership.
Major expertise lies in Optimizing the Cost, improving the efficiency by implementing strategic programs to ensure transformation of business process on the bedrock of analytics, data modeling & LEAN/Six Sigma Approach.

Once out of office, I become a dreamer and start writing. After 14 years, I moved from the hustling metropolis ‘Gurgaon’ to a city that slips from past to future and from future to present as one traverse from one ally to another. I am currently residing in this city of pearls, breathing the long-forgotten tales of love inspired by poet, swordsman, and an incorrigible romantic king, Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah.

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