A hustling Millennium city, Gurgoan or rather Gurugram is alive. It lives and breathes like a complex organism. The city has its own though process, its own way of life that is similar to any cosmopolitan and yet very different from the rest. Sharing its borders with New Delhi, Gurgaon stays connected yet aloof.  
The city or rather people who made it their home, thrives on its speed and a razor-sharp focus to pick up the pieces and carry on. Not surprising, only thrice in the living history did this city stop to take a breath. And what years where those! The Year of a Rat, the Year of a Pig, and the Year of a Red Snake! For few days in these three years, the city took a pause. However as perplex the psyche of this city, this city did not take a pause like the other cities did.  
Perplex-city is a novel that shows intrinsic layer city in its three different lockdowns in three astounding years. The first part is the year of a Rat, a lockdown due to pandemic of COVID-19. The second part is the year of a Pig, when during the communal riots of 1947, the city went in a curfew. And the third part is the year of a Red Snake when due to Sepoy mutiny, in 1857 the city had flag marches and was almost in a lockdown. The events that happened overnight in these strange years!  

Heir – End of Innocence

Padmakishori was married to a man older than her father to
save her kingdom, Gavpundir from imminent civil war and
to give Jodhgarh an heir. Her husband refused to share his
heart with her. For him, she was just a means to provide his
kingdom with an heir. Padmakishori is faced with a dilemma
– to accept a life without love and passion or to walk the
dangerous path of lies and secrecy to fulfil her bodily desires.
She picks up the path of secrecy, something that Garvpundir
was very familiar with. One after another Padma learns the
bloody past, present and foreseeable future of the kingdom.
Will Padma understand the stir Tamira created with her free
spirit that plunged generations to come in fear of yet another
coup? Is Roop justified to snatch away the love and passion
of young hearts for patriotism and politics? Will Uday ever
find out what his wife yearned for? Will Padma understand
the riddle of the soothsayer to give the kingdom an heir or
will she be caught and executed for treason?

Heir – Dawn of Deception

Dawn of Deception is the final part of Heir. Padma yearning
continues as she tries to adapt to the life and palace in Jodhgarh.
Her soul rebelling as injustice that fate had written for her.
From the heart of mountains to barren desert, Heir is her
journey from a naïve princess to the Queen she never thought
she would be.
What would Padmakishori, a princess of 16 years, was married
off to a man older than her father but a powerful king to give
both the kingdom of Jodhgarh and Garvpundir an heir, do?
Trapped in a loveless marriage, how will she change the fate
written for her?
What does the future hold for Roop; the Queen who cared
more for the Crown than her love.
How did Tamira – who lurked in the shadows change
What did the soothsayer see in the river of future?
Will Virsa ever forget his first love?
Will Uday ever give Padmakishori the love she deserved?
Will history get repeated with Devdan?
An erotic political thriller that spans across 4 generation and
2 kingdoms.

Ruby Drops

Amazon Best Seller in Poetry section, with 4.5 out of 5
rating with more than 52 reviews.
Ruby Drops is not an anthology of poems. They are cries
of soul and happiness dropped from eyes as tears. They are
witness to flights of freedom and testimony of shackles. Life
is but a rainbow, made of smile and tears, so are the Ruby
Drops. These are feeling of a girl growing up. It has elements
of fairy tales, the Prince Charming, to monsters to facing the
reality of life. It is a journey of smiles and tears.
Ruby Drops is also a story of struggle against depression in
the form of poems. It helped me to heal. It is a part of my soul
and soul is not for sale. Every cent of profit from Ruby Drops
is pledged to Random Acts to help prevent Depression.
I want more and more people to know and recognize signs of
Depression in their loved ones. I was helped by my partner.
I came out of it. This is my attempt to pay back life by
spreading awareness so that people can reach out to the ones
in need. The ones who would never speak or ask for help are
the ones who need help more than we realize.