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To urge people to stay strong and spread the message of positivity during the tough times, five reputed personalities—Dr Priyasi Das, Naseha Sameen, Author Abhishek Kapoor, Abhinav Shukla, and Hemant Agarwal took

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Top 7 Books To Read This World Book Day. World Book Day is the time to explore and celebrate reading and this world Book and Copyright Day 2021, it’s time to celebrate reading and exploring the world of books.
Heir – End of Innocence

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Heir – End of Innocence

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Naseha Sameen made a great effort to bring this fictional story as near to what the ancient Indian culture was actually like in reality. Attention to detail has been added, giving any reader from any background a flavor of India. It was an enchanting and interesting plot. The pace was leisurely, giving the reader time to absorb the romance and drama. 

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INSPIRO AWARDS – The Literary Inspiration Covered by Alex Carter
Inspiro Awards is aimed to recognise the Literary Talents & appreciate their valuable contribution in the World of Literature.
1. Naseha Sameen  (Book – Heir – End of Innocence)


7 books worthy of screen adaptations in 2021. The dawn of 2021 has brought a lot of dreams, aspirations and vigor in our life especially after what we were bound to face during our global pandemic. At this juncture, we are taking a look at seven books worthy of getting adapted into a movie or a web series.


We thought in a unique way for Book readers to reach their favorite authors and writers globally at one point. As a reader you can avail this advantage from our website to view millions of olto books and of different authors and writers globally as well as share their views and comments and also to explore their passion of sharing stories, jokes and inspirational quotes etc Interview with Naseha Sameen


Aditi Debnath – Book Blogger | Travelling Through Different Genres !
The author has incredibly given voice to Padmakishori. Through her story we could feel the vociferation of a thousand of female who are screeching and writhe for being treated as an object, burned under male jingoist and ceded their entire for the welfare of imperial blood. The narration was impressive and plain sailing. 4.8/5

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Podcasts – The Guiding Voice & The World Audio Books by Maria Abrenica.
This novel would appeal to readers who like a story set in ancient times, with elements of drama, continuity of the story through time, deception and strong characters with their flaws leading them. A reader who enjoyed Ann Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy

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Winner of 2 awards in Author Page, rated as 5 stars by Reader’s Favorite and selected in long list for Story to Screen, the debut novel is getting attention. Well-known writers like “Antar”, reviewers and bloggers, who had read the book, have expressed great enthusiasm for the book. Celebrities like Ashmit Patel says it is “Spartacus” meets “Game of Thrones” and Shruti Panwar hope that one day Heir will be considered as a classic; drawing a comparison with classic Lolita.

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To urge people to stay strong and spread the message of positivity during the tough times, five reputed personalities—Dr Priyasi Das, Naseha Sameen, Author Abhishek Kapoor, Abhinav Shukla, and Hemant Agarwal took to Instagram to conduct a motivational live session.

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The second book, Heir – Dawn of Deception is due to release soon. Her other work includes an anthology of poems, Ruby Drops, dealing with her fight to stay strong during phases of depression and is well received to become Amazon Best Seller in Poetry. She believes in sharing her experiences on how to cope during difficult times and has often been invited to speak on the subject of women, leadership, and mental health in several distinguished panels. “In this fight against COVID, we are all together,” she remarks.

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Naseha Sameen – The passionate laureate. Her creative work has been loved and admired immensely.
Her anthology of poems, Ruby Drops is Amazon Best Seller in Poetry. 
The debut erotic Political thriller Heir – End of Innocence, is a winner of Author Page awards for Best Debut and Best Woman Writer. She is conferred Author of the Year – 2020 by Ispiro Awards for this book. 

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Featured in the Jammu & Kashmir Today. As a must Read.
Heir – End of Innocence &
Heir – Dawn of Deception

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Ruby Drops is not an anthology of poems. They are cries of soul and happiness dropped from eyes as tears. They are witness to flights of freedom and testimony of shackles. Life is but a rainbow, made of smile and tears, so are the Ruby Drops. These are feeling of a girl growing up. It has elements of fairy tales, the Prince Charming, to monsters to facing the reality of life. It is a journey of smiles and tears.

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What does the future hold for Roop; the Queen who cared more for the Crown than her love? How did Tamira who lurked in the shadows change Padmakishori?
What did the soothsayer see in the river of future? Will Virsa ever forget his first love? Will Uday ever give Padmakishori the love she deserved? Will history get repeated with Devdan? And what would Padmakishori,  princess of 16 years was married off to a man older than her father but a powerful king to give both the kingdom of Jodhgarh and Garvpundir an heir, do?Trapped in a loveless marriage, how will she change the fate written for her? 

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Magazine Feature – Interview
the Vol 1 Issue 3
A New Dimension to Explore the Literary World

My Secret Bookshelf Recommends Books To Read This Monsoon

 My Secret Bookshelf has curated this handpicked compilation of book recommendations for the monsoons. So get ready to soak in the worlds of stories that you are yet to discover as you hear  thunder outside!

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An intriguing story of Passion and PoliticsSet in medieval India and it’s the political backdrop, the book ‘Heir: End of Innocence’ published by Invincible Publishers amalgamates erotica with historical fiction, culminating it into an engaging read. The backdrop of the story is based on Princess Padmakishori’s life, somewhere in 50 AD 

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One thing that I was careful about was not making Padmakishori a damsel in distress or someone who is loved or wanted by everyone or somebody who is extraordinary and out of the world. I find my characters very real to the real world. Every reader can find a character that defines their own self.
My books often push people, especially the girls and women not to be a victim to the societal norms. It subtly pushes a girl or female to think about her needs, her happiness, which often is brushed aside. It inspires the mind to get what s/he wants while entertaining the readers with the story and characters.


The 11th author from our writing community is Naseha @nasehasameen.
Ruby Drops – Ruby Drops is also a story of struggle against depression in the form of poems.
Heir – Heir is a novel, written from the perspective of a woman who wants to fulfill sexual pleasure as much as men of her era did. She was not ready to sacrifice her happiness and accept a loveless life as a dictum of fate. However, in all this, she does not come across as a feminist but a shrewd Queen from a vulnerable Princess to get what she wants.

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Drama is set along the lines of politics, power play, and the predicaments for the woman, which makes the book unputdownable. The book puts up intriguing questions like, ‘Would she rebel against the verdict of fate and become the Queen she was never meant to be?’, ‘To what extent would Padmakishori go to fulfil her desires?’, ‘Or, will she accept the compromise for the sake of her father and husband?’ and keeps the reader on toes throughout.

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